How simple is Gigabark?

The screen captures below show how easy it is to send a broadcast with our wizard through your Gigabark online account. To make matters even simpler, some functions (such as appointment reminders and other transactional messages) can be sent via single-page web forms which we will add to your account per your needs. These forms make transactional messages with specific variables super simple!

Choose to send a voice message or text message Email capability will be coming soon.

For voice broadcasts, you type in a message (as seen to the right) to distribute to your contact list, and also:

  1. Choose a message previously used.
  2. Upload a WAV file that you have created on your PC or had professionally recorded.
  3. Record a message over the telephone (our system will call you and prompt you to record and listen to your message).

Enter recipients in any number of ways:

  1. Choose a recipient list you’ve previously used.
  2. Type in the list of telephone numbers for your recipients.
  3. Upload an Excel or CSV file containing your list of recipients.
  4. Ask us to support your existing software application or database of contacts to extract the recipient information.