SXSW is known for drawing out the best of the tech community.  This year, the tech community in Atlanta not only appeared at SXSW but they made a meaningful impact.  Organizations such as the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Choose ATL, the Southern Fried Movement and yours truly Gigabark were featured at SXSW.  Atlanta’s influence within the tech community is growing at a rapid pace and organizations such as these were able to create a movement around the tech community of Atlanta.

Gigabark was featured at the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Table to highlight the relevance that Atlanta has in the tech community.  Various other companies from the Atlanta startup community were able to come together to market the southern region as a technology and startup hub.  Along with partnering with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, we were also able to partner with the Southern Fried Movement in their amazing lantern parade down the streets of Austin.

Our experience at SXSW was an amazing one.  We look forward to other opportunities to highlight not only what we have to offer but how Atlanta is vital to the technology and startup community.