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Two weeks ago, I went to an event in Mountain View to watch an excellent talk by Manu Kumar. There was a last minute logistic glitch, so the organizers had to change the location. Due to quick thinking, they were able to efficiently spread the word to attendees and execute the rest of the event without disruption.

This reminded me how important it is for event organizers to have a back-up plan and a way to communicate important updates with attendees. Depending on demographic and lead time, email can be risky – a more reliable option would be text messages for simple updates and communication.

We want our organizers to take advantage of this. Eventbrite now partners with Gigabark to allow you to manage your communications with attendees through texts or voice calls.

Utilizing the integration is easy:
1.) Set up your event on Eventbrite

2.) Make sure that you are collecting the phone number for each attendee.

3.) Then sign up for Gigabark here.

4.) After your attendees have registered, you can import them into Gigabark and save them to a list. You’ll find this option under “Import from Outside Websites” when selecting recipients (see image below).

5.) Gigabark will then ask for your API User Key and for you to name your new contact list.
6.) Determine your custom message and select a payment option to complete!
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If you would like more detailed help documentation on the partnership, Gigabark has included it here.

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