API Documentation

Welcome to our documentation for our Gigabark API.

The Gigabark REST API provides a method to create programs that do much of the work for you, such as starting surveys or broadcasts or having users opt-out of your list. Your website or your application can automatically perform many of the tasks that are completed through our web interface located in your Gigabark account.

It is intended for developers and customers looking to integrate custom software directly with Gigabark. Our Gigabark API is very simple and straightforward. It is built on a simple REST model and returns either XML or JSON. Each function is defined in the menu to the left, and describes the URL and parameters for the request. We even provide a test tool for each function which helps you quickly build the REST requests and provides a response to show you what the returned objects look like.

*Before continuing, you should create a Gigabark account. Once created, call us so that we can give you your API credentials and chat with you about anything we can do to customize the way you need the API to work for you. Once you have your credentials, you are ready to start making API calls.