If you have special needs, we can help. Do you need to provide call-in numbers for your clients? A single typed message to be distributed by phone, text message, and email simultaneously? The content of a web page digitized to send as a voice call? A voice broadcast triggered by an incoming text message? We have over 23 years of telecommunications and software experience to assist you with your specialized communications needs.

Please contact our sales department at 1.888.833.4604 to discuss your needs. We can integrate with your pre-existing system and create interfaces and features that help you reach your customer base.

Here are examples of the most common solutions:

  • Specialized Web Forms – Some organizations like doctor’s offices and styling salons may wish to start broadcasts from a single, simple web page to improve efficiency and make it easier to train their employees. Simply enter the required data (such as the patient’s name, appt time, and phone number) and press ‘Send’ to fire a pre-built message to remind patients of their appointments! We can tailor that page inside your Gigabark account, or we can build a form you can stick it on your own web page!
  • Surveys and Customer Responses – Do you have a need to collect survey results, provide options to your contact, or receive feedback (even recordings!) from your client? Perhaps you need to collect digit presses (‘Press 1 to confirm your appointment’) or voice responses (‘After the beep, please provide comments or suggestions which may make your stay with us more enjoyable’)? Do you have complex decision trees? We can work with you to build these solutions, or provide a method for you to build them yourself. Currently, these are custom solutions which must be built with the help of our knowledgeable engineers. Already a part of our application suite, we’d be glad to help.
  • Route a Call after a Broadcast Message – You may want to save huge swaths of time by broadcasting a message, but allow your recipients to ‘press 1’ to ring another phone and connect directly if they want to ask questions, make donations, connect to the office of their elected representative, or inquire more about your message.
  • Call-in Numbers – We can provide dedicated telephone numbers for you to use to collect customer feedback or for other uses. Perhaps you want to use these as the caller-ID of your broadcast. Perhaps you need to create a voice menu or survey when someone calls into this number. We can set up voicemail repositories for you, or even forward responses anywhere you wish.
  • Text-in Applications – Our web application let’s you build your own voice surveys and polls, and soon you’ll be able to do the same with text-message surveys. Until then, whether you want to ask everyone what they want for lunch, collect text messages from the high-school football game to post on the scoreboard, or have people join your contact list, we can set it up for you.
  • Group Communications – Like a Neighborhood Watch program, give everyone in your group a single number to text or call if they need to report something to the entire group. We’ll distribute that incoming phone call or text message to everyone in your group (we can even take a text and convert it to a phone call and vice versa!).
  • APIs – Some of you have your own system or your own tech guy. Save time and money by having your computer reach out to ours (rather than your people call our people) to send pre-recorded ‘Thank You’ or ‘Welcome’ message when someone clicks a button on your website, or send yourself a text when someone clicks a certain link, or whatever you can dream up! Automate your system’s alerts or automate your appointment reminders from your Google Calendar.
  • Integration with Existing Databases or CRM – You may already have a tool or process which stores your client information. We can help you retrieve the information required to send automated messages to your clients for any number of reasons. Recruiters may wish to automatically send a text message to all potential employment candidates with certain skillsets when a new job pops into their database. Doctors may wish to automatically send appointment reminders for all patients who have an appointment one week from today without typing anything in manually. We can help.
  • Start a Broadcast from SMS, email, or a phone call – You may have a need to build and inititate a broadcast when you may not have a computer or internet access. Let us build that for you.
  • Start a Broadcast from your web page – Perhaps an event on your web page should trigger a broadcast to a list of recipients. We can build that too!
  • Very Large Broadcasts or Concurrency Needs – While most organizations will find the broadcast speed of our systems more than satisfactory, some may have special needs for the throughput of a broadcast, particularly with very large broadcasts. For these special cases, your Gigabark experience may benefit immensely by contacting sales at 1.888.833.4604